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PB (Price/Book ) Ratio

The Current P/B Ratio of ATUL is 4.05.

Share Price ₹7,052.1Jul 15,2024
Market Cap ₹20,733.2 Cr
Book Value₹5,114.3 CrMar2024 - Consolidated Results
Price/Book 4.05xCalculated as MarketCap/Book Value
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Definition & Calculation of PB (Price/Book ) ratio of ATUL

Price-to-Book ratio, P/B Multiple, or P/B Ratio is an important valuation multiple that is defined as:

P/B = Market Capitalization / Book Value

or, using per-share numbers:

P/B = Stock Price / Book Value Per Share

Applying the above formula, P/B ratio of ATUL is calculated as :

Current Market Cap [ ₹20,733.2 Cr] as on Jul 15,2024

(/) Book Value [ ₹5,114.3 Cr] based on Mar2024 - Consolidated Results

(=) P/B Ratio [ 4.05x ]

P/B Ratio indicates 'the multiple of book value' investors are willing to pay to own one share of the company.

Thus, for ATUL , the investors are currently willing to pay '4.05 times book value' to own 1 share of the company.

PB Multiples are one of the most widely used valuation multiple in industry.

Since P/B ratio uses Book Value in the calculation, P/B multiples are not always reliable for valuing companies with negative book value.

In such cases, you may consider using Price to Earnings ratio or Price to Sales ratio of ATUL !

The chart below summarizes the trend in P/B Ratio of ATUL over the last five years.

Historical PB (Price/Book ) ratio chart of ATUL

PB Ratio Performance Analysis for ATUL

- ATUL 's latest p/b ratio is 4.05x.

- ATUL 's p/b ratio for fiscal years ending Mar2024 to Mar2020 averaged 4.76x.

- ATUL 's operated at median p/b ratio of 4.4x from fiscal years ending March 2018 to 2022.

- Looking back at the last 5 fiscal years, ATUL 's p/b ratio peaked in Mar2022 at 6.87x.

- ATUL 's p/b ratio hit its five-year low in Mar2024 of 3.3x.

How does ATUL 's P/B Ratio benchmark against top 10 peers in Chemicals Industry?

Peer Comparison (Chemicals Industry)Book ValuePB RatioMarket Cap
ATUL 5,114.344.0520,733.2
PIDILITE INDUSTRIES LTD8,397.3119.21161,293.0
SOLAR INDUSTRIES INDIA LTD3,305.6032.74108,211.0
SRF LTD11,458.806.2071,084.2
DEEPAK NITRITE LTD4,796.627.9738,224.1
TATA CHEMICALS LTD22,241.001.2227,168.5
GODREJ INDUSTRIES LTD8,001.313.8030,418.3
AARTI INDUSTRIES LTD5,287.424.8625,722.4
VINATI ORGANICS LTD2,461.568.0619,841.6

Chemicals Industry Benchmark (Top 10) PB Analysis vs ATUL 's P/B Ratio

Top 10 Industry PeersPB Ratio
Min industry PB 1.22x
Max industry PB 32.74x
Median industry PB 6.20x
Average industry PB 9.18x

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