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13 Mini Lessons | ~ 1Hr

Video Content [03:09]
How to get most out of this course?
What Will I learn in this Course?
How’s this course different from others?
How is this video course structured?
Who is the creator of the course & what has he done before?
What is the Style of Presentation?
Video Content [03:33]
What do you mean by Investing?
What are various options available for Investing?
How much can I expect to earn from each of these assets?
What is Value Investing?
Other strategies apart from Value Investing?
Which strategy should i use?

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Video Content [03:20]
Which are the 5 Rules of Value Investing?
Details about each rule!
Margin of Safety

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Video Content [04:04]
Why would a stock trade below Intrinsic value?
Recent Examples
Black Swan Macro economic events.

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Video Content [02:29]
What are Value Traps?
Are all mispriced stocks a good buy?
Recent examples
How to identify mispricings?
What to do once I have identified a mispriced stock?

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Video Content [03:27]
What do you mean by Valuation?
Which are the various Valuation methods?
Discounted CashFlow Model?
Dividend Discount Model
Ratio based valuation Methods?

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Video Content [05:43]
What's DCF Valuation?
What's required to calculate DCF?
What's the formula for DCF?
Example DCF Calculation for Infosys
Limitations of DCF Valuation

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Video Content [07:44]
Approach to analyze a company?
How to analyze Annual Report of a company ?
Example Annual Report Walkthrough - Marico!
Frequency of Financial reporting?

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Video Content [14:09]
Overview of framework
ROCE (Return on Capital employed)
ROIC (Return on Invested Capital)
Debt Structure of the company
Short term analysis
Walkthrough of the Core Platform

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Video Content [04:19]
Stock Comparison Tool
Stock Screener Tool
Analyze Portfolio Tool

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Video Content [02:35]
Is it possible to predict direction of stock market?
How should I make a stock purchase?
Example of an Undervalued Stock
How about Selling a Stock?
Example of an Overbought Stock

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Video Content [01:17]

How can I protect my investment?
Anything else that I should do?

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Video Content [02:15]

Best practices to become A successful investor
Checklist to refer before you invest

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By THE FOUNDER - Rohit Katiyar

- 14+ Years of Experience as an Investor in Indian Stock Markets & 4+ years in Cryptocurrency
- Worked as a Full time Derivatives Trader during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-09
- Made a Return of 14%+ CAGR in Equity Markets after experiencing both Bull & Bear markets
- MBA from IIM-C and past experience in Investment banks such as Credit Suisse/BNY Mellon
- Big follower of Warren Buffett & SEBI Registered Research Analyst


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