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Video Content [02:41]
How to get most out of this course?
What Will I learn in this Course?
How’s this course different from others?
Who is the creator of the course & what has he done before?
What is the Style of Presentation?
Video Content [04:43]
Overview of Excel
Rows, Columns, Tables in Excel
Various formats in Excel
Excel Formulaes
Excel Functions
Sorting in Excel
Create a drop down list using Data Validation
Freeze Panes : Fix the top row for better analysis

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Video Content [05:33]
Finding MIN and MAX value
ROUND function
IFERROR to catch errors

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Video Content [03:31]

VLookup : Finding a value in the leftmost column of a table
HLookup : Finding a value in the top row of a table
INDEX + Match as substitute of Vlookup

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Video Content [02:59]

What are pivot tables?
How to create a pivot table?
How to add different variables in the pivot table?
How to summarize data in various types in a pivot table?

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Video Content [02:17]

Future and Present Values in Excel
IRR Functions to calculate rate of return on investment

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Video Content [03:27]

What do you mean by Valuation?
Which are the various Valuation methods?
Discounted CashFlow Model?
Dividend Discount Model
Ratio based valuation Methods?

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Video Content [05:43]

What's DCF Valuation?
What's required to calculate DCF?
What's the formula for DCF?
Example DCF Calculation for Infosys
Limitations of DCF Valuation

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Video Content [2:48]

How to insert a chart in excel?
Editing Excel Charts
Excel Chart formatting
Different types of charts in excel
Bar chart, Column Chart, Pie Chart
Treemap Chart

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Video Content [01:57]
Importance of Macros in Excel?
How to create a Macro?

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Video Content [01:23]

Final Checklist to learn Excel for Financial Analysis

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By THE FOUNDER - Rohit Katiyar

- 14+ Years of Experience as an Investor in Indian Stock Markets & 4+ years in Cryptocurrency
- Worked as a Full time Derivatives Trader during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008-09
- Made a Return of 14%+ CAGR in Equity Markets after experiencing both Bull & Bear markets
- MBA from IIM-C and past experience in Investment banks such as Credit Suisse/BNY Mellon
- Big follower of Warren Buffett & SEBI Registered Research Analyst


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