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HARIOM PIPE INDUSTRIES Last 5 Year Income Statement History


Gross Sales ₹596 Cr₹303 Cr₹190 Cr₹158 Cr₹12,401,105 Cr
     Sales ₹596 Cr₹303 Cr₹190 Cr₹158 Cr₹12,401,105 Cr
     Job Work/ Contract Receipts -----
     Processing Charges / Service Income -----
     Revenue from property development -----
     Other Operational Income -----
Less: Excise Duty ₹91 Cr₹46 Cr₹29 Cr₹24 Cr₹1,892,214 Cr
Net Sales ₹431 Cr₹254 Cr₹161 Cr₹134 Cr₹10,508,890 Cr
Increase/Decrease in Stock ₹-20 Cr₹-7.46 Cr₹-19 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹-138,492 Cr
Raw Material Consumed ₹299 Cr₹176 Cr₹110 Cr₹84 Cr₹6,126,878 Cr
     Opening Raw Materials ₹12 Cr₹7.39 Cr₹11 Cr₹7.73 Cr₹796,502 Cr
     Purchases Raw Materials ₹299 Cr₹180 Cr₹106 Cr₹88 Cr₹6,049,189 Cr
     Closing Raw Materials ₹11 Cr₹12 Cr₹7.39 Cr₹11 Cr₹772,927 Cr
     Other Direct Purchases / Brought in cost ----₹54,114 Cr
     Other raw material cost -----
Power & Fuel Cost ₹56 Cr₹34 Cr₹37 Cr₹25 Cr₹2,599,108 Cr
     Electricity & Power ₹56 Cr₹34 Cr₹37 Cr₹25 Cr₹2,599,108 Cr
     Oil, Fuel & Natural gas -----
     Coals etc -----
     Other power & fuel -----
Employee Cost ₹18 Cr₹5.97 Cr₹8.30 Cr₹5.81 Cr₹243,130 Cr
     Salaries, Wages & Bonus ₹17 Cr₹5.37 Cr₹7.72 Cr₹5.26 Cr₹221,825 Cr
     Contributions to EPF & Pension Funds ₹0.71 Cr₹0.57 Cr₹0.13 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹4,767 Cr
     Workmen and Staff Welfare Expenses ₹0.38 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.45 Cr₹0.43 Cr₹4,458 Cr
     Other Employees Cost ----₹12,080 Cr
Other Manufacturing Expenses ₹15 Cr₹6.45 Cr₹0.26 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹8,873 Cr
     Sub-contracted / Out sourced services -----
     Processing Charges --₹0.00 Cr--
     Repairs and Maintenance ₹2.69 Cr₹1.74 Cr₹0.22 Cr₹0.17 Cr₹6,695 Cr
     Packing Material Consumed -----
     Other Mfg Exp ₹12 Cr₹4.71 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹2,178 Cr
General and Administration Expenses ₹5.84 Cr₹5.01 Cr₹1.29 Cr₹1.03 Cr₹136,826 Cr
     Rent , Rates & Taxes ₹0.37 Cr₹0.24 Cr₹0.43 Cr₹0.23 Cr₹30,691 Cr
     Insurance ₹0.15 Cr₹0.11 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹0.09 Cr₹9,086 Cr
     Printing and stationery ₹0.10 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.01 Cr-
     Professional and legal fees ₹0.81 Cr₹0.56 Cr₹0.26 Cr₹0.24 Cr₹4,116 Cr
     Traveling and conveyance ₹0.55 Cr₹0.25 Cr₹0.28 Cr₹0.32 Cr₹6,912 Cr
     Other Administration ₹4.42 Cr₹4.07 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹0.46 Cr₹92,932 Cr
Selling and Distribution Expenses ₹0.40 Cr₹0.14 Cr₹0.06 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹11,044 Cr
     Handling and Clearing Charges -----
     Other Selling Expenses --₹0.04 Cr₹0.08 Cr₹11,044 Cr
Miscellaneous Expenses ₹0.29 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.09 Cr-
     Bad debts /advances written off -----
     Provision for doubtful debts -----
     Losson disposal of fixed assets(net) -----
     Losson foreign exchange fluctuations -----
     Losson sale of non-trade current investments -----
     Other Miscellaneous Expenses ₹0.29 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.18 Cr₹0.09 Cr-
Less: Expenses Capitalised -----
Total Expenditure ₹374 Cr₹220 Cr₹137 Cr₹117 Cr₹8,987,366 Cr
Operating Profit (Excl OI) ₹56 Cr₹34 Cr₹23 Cr₹17 Cr₹1,521,524 Cr
Other Income ₹2.72 Cr₹0.68 Cr₹0.37 Cr₹0.32 Cr₹27,805 Cr
     Interest Received ₹0.35 Cr₹0.42 Cr₹0.37 Cr₹0.32 Cr₹27,781 Cr
     Dividend Received -----
     Profit on sale of Fixed Assets -----
     Profits on sale of Investments -----
     Provision Written Back -----
     Foreign Exchange Gains -₹0.00 Cr₹0.00 Cr-₹25 Cr
     Others ₹2.37 Cr₹0.26 Cr₹0.00 Cr--
Operating Profit ₹59 Cr₹35 Cr₹24 Cr₹17 Cr₹1,549,329 Cr
Interest ₹8.19 Cr₹7.51 Cr₹7.37 Cr₹3.55 Cr₹287,477 Cr
     InterestonDebenture / Bonds -----
     Interest on Term Loan ₹3.67 Cr₹3.01 Cr₹3.16 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹24,545 Cr
     Intereston Fixed deposits -----
     Bank Charges etc ₹1.10 Cr₹1.22 Cr₹0.20 Cr₹0.10 Cr₹8,415 Cr
     Other Interest ₹3.42 Cr₹3.29 Cr₹4.01 Cr₹3.25 Cr₹254,517 Cr
PBDT ₹51 Cr₹27 Cr₹16 Cr₹14 Cr₹1,261,852 Cr
Depreciation ₹8.11 Cr₹6.26 Cr₹5.16 Cr₹2.15 Cr₹257,811 Cr
Profit Before Taxation & Exceptional Items ₹43 Cr₹21 Cr₹11 Cr₹12 Cr₹1,004,041 Cr
Exceptional Income / Expenses ----₹1,526 Cr
Profit Before Tax ₹43 Cr₹21 Cr₹11 Cr₹12 Cr₹1,005,567 Cr
Provision for Tax ₹11 Cr₹6.07 Cr₹3.42 Cr₹3.63 Cr₹357,415 Cr
     Current Income Tax ₹11 Cr₹4.48 Cr₹2.06 Cr₹2.55 Cr₹372,363 Cr
     Deferred Tax ₹-0.42 Cr₹1.38 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹0.75 Cr₹-18,857 Cr
     Other taxes ₹0.37 Cr₹0.21 Cr₹0.11 Cr₹0.33 Cr₹3,909 Cr
Profit After Tax ₹32 Cr₹15 Cr₹7.91 Cr₹8.02 Cr₹648,152 Cr
Extra items -----
Minority Interest -----
Share of Associate -----
Other Consolidated Items -----
Consolidated Net Profit ₹32 Cr₹15 Cr₹7.91 Cr₹8.02 Cr₹648,152 Cr
Adjustments to PAT -----
Profit Balance B/F ₹38 Cr₹23 Cr₹16 Cr₹8.40 Cr₹256,713 Cr
Appropriations ₹70 Cr₹38 Cr₹24 Cr₹16 Cr₹904,865 Cr
     General Reserves -----
     Proposed Equity Dividend -----
     Corporate dividend tax --₹0.79 Cr--
     Other Appropriation ₹0.06 Cr₹-0.03 Cr₹-0.06 Cr₹0.42 Cr₹65,401 Cr
Equity Dividend % ---₹7.00₹6.00
Earnings Per Share ₹18.82₹8.92₹5.98₹6.06₹5.95
Adjusted EPS ₹18.82₹8.92---

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