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TEMBO GLOBAL INDUSTRIES Last 5 Year Balance Sheet History


Share Capital ₹11 Cr₹10 Cr₹10 Cr₹5.02 Cr₹5.02 Cr
    Equity - Authorised ₹22 Cr₹11 Cr₹11 Cr₹5.50 Cr₹5.50 Cr
    Equity - Issued ₹11 Cr₹10 Cr₹10 Cr₹5.02 Cr₹5.02 Cr
    Equity Paid Up ₹11 Cr₹10 Cr₹10 Cr₹5.02 Cr₹5.02 Cr
    Equity Shares Forfeited -----
    Adjustments to Equity -----
    Preference Capital Paid Up -----
    Face Value ₹10.00₹10.00₹10.00₹10.00₹10.00
Share Warrants & Outstandings -----
Total Reserves ₹29 Cr₹15 Cr₹13 Cr₹16 Cr₹14 Cr
    Securities Premium ₹11 Cr₹1.79 Cr₹1.79 Cr₹6.82 Cr₹6.82 Cr
    Capital Reserves -----
    Profit & Loss Account Balance ₹18 Cr₹14 Cr₹11 Cr₹9.06 Cr₹6.91 Cr
    General Reserves -----
    Other Reserves -----
Reserve excluding Revaluation Reserve ₹29 Cr₹15 Cr₹13 Cr₹16 Cr₹14 Cr
Revaluation reserve -----
Shareholder's Funds ₹40 Cr₹26 Cr₹23 Cr₹21 Cr₹19 Cr
Minority Interest -----
Long-Term Borrowings -----
Secured Loans ₹4.91 Cr₹14 Cr₹9.28 Cr₹2.72 Cr₹1.56 Cr
    Non Convertible Debentures -----
    Converible Debentures & Bonds -----
    Packing Credit - Bank -----
    Inter Corporate & Security Deposit -----
    Term Loans - Banks ₹2.59 Cr₹3.51 Cr₹3.30 Cr₹1.00 Cr₹0.46 Cr
    Term Loans - Institutions ₹1.72 Cr₹9.67 Cr₹5.33 Cr₹1.01 Cr-
    Other Secured ₹0.61 Cr₹1.20 Cr₹0.64 Cr₹0.72 Cr₹1.09 Cr
Unsecured Loans ₹0.80 Cr₹8.93 Cr₹6.34 Cr₹2.72 Cr₹0.07 Cr
    Fixed Deposits - Public -₹4.75 Cr---
    Loans and advances from subsidiaries -----
    Inter Corporate Deposits (Unsecured) -----
    Foreign Currency Convertible Notes -----
    Long Term Loan in Foreign Currency -----
    Loans - Banks ₹0.00 Cr₹0.02 Cr₹0.31 Cr₹1.02 Cr-
    Loans - Govt. -----
    Loans - Others ₹0.36 Cr₹2.99 Cr₹3.59 Cr-₹0.07 Cr
    Other Unsecured Loan ₹0.44 Cr₹1.16 Cr₹2.45 Cr₹1.71 Cr-
Deferred Tax Assets / Liabilities ₹-0.27 Cr₹-0.22 Cr₹-0.28 Cr₹-0.12 Cr₹-0.13 Cr
    Deferred Tax Assets ₹0.27 Cr₹0.33 Cr₹0.28 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹0.13 Cr
    Deferred Tax Liability -₹0.11 Cr---
Other Long Term Liabilities ₹0.74 Cr₹0.01 Cr₹0.07 Cr--
Long Term Trade Payables -----
Long Term Provisions ₹0.05 Cr₹1.24 Cr₹1.24 Cr--
Total Non-Current Liabilities ₹6.24 Cr₹24 Cr₹17 Cr₹5.33 Cr₹1.49 Cr
Current Liabilities -----
Trade Payables ₹12 Cr₹16 Cr₹16 Cr₹11 Cr₹7.33 Cr
    Sundry Creditors ₹12 Cr₹16 Cr₹16 Cr₹11 Cr₹7.33 Cr
    Acceptances -----
    Due to Subsidiaries- Trade Payables -----
Other Current Liabilities ₹14 Cr₹11 Cr₹9.82 Cr₹4.31 Cr₹2.34 Cr
    Bank Overdraft / Short term credit -----
    Advances received from customers ₹2.17 Cr₹4.69 Cr₹0.62 Cr₹0.34 Cr₹0.13 Cr
    Interest Accrued But Not Due -----
    Share Application Money -----
    Current maturity of Debentures & Bonds -----
    Current maturity - Others -----
    Other Liabilities ₹12 Cr₹6.33 Cr₹9.20 Cr₹3.97 Cr₹2.21 Cr
Short Term Borrowings ₹33 Cr₹13 Cr₹13 Cr₹8.19 Cr₹8.34 Cr
    Secured ST Loans repayable on Demands ₹33 Cr₹13 Cr₹13 Cr₹8.19 Cr₹8.34 Cr
    Working Capital Loans- Sec ₹33 Cr₹13 Cr₹13 Cr₹8.19 Cr₹8.34 Cr
    Buyers Credits - Unsec -----
    Commercial Borrowings- Unsec -----
    Other Unsecured Loans ₹-33 Cr₹-13 Cr₹-13 Cr₹-8.19 Cr₹-8.34 Cr
Short Term Provisions ₹2.21 Cr₹0.01 Cr-₹0.27 Cr-
    Proposed Equity Dividend -----
    Provision for Corporate Dividend Tax -----
    Provision for Tax ₹2.18 Cr--₹0.27 Cr-
    Provision for post retirement benefits -----
    Preference Dividend -----
    Other Provisions ₹0.02 Cr₹0.01 Cr---
Total Current Liabilities ₹62 Cr₹40 Cr₹39 Cr₹24 Cr₹18 Cr
Total Liabilities ₹108 Cr₹90 Cr₹79 Cr₹50 Cr₹38 Cr
Gross Block ₹28 Cr₹24 Cr₹19 Cr₹10 Cr₹8.03 Cr
Less: Accumulated Depreciation ₹6.46 Cr₹3.93 Cr₹1.69 Cr₹3.67 Cr₹2.72 Cr
Less: Impairment of Assets -----
Net Block ₹22 Cr₹20 Cr₹17 Cr₹6.73 Cr₹5.31 Cr
Lease Adjustment A/c -----
Capital Work in Progress ₹3.21 Cr₹0.28 Cr₹0.05 Cr₹0.30 Cr₹0.02 Cr
Non Current Investments ₹1.10 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹0.30 Cr-
Long Term Investment ₹1.10 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹0.30 Cr-
    Quoted -----
    Unquoted ₹1.10 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹1.08 Cr₹0.30 Cr-
Long Term Loans & Advances ₹1.43 Cr₹1.36 Cr₹1.11 Cr₹0.24 Cr₹0.22 Cr
Other Non Current Assets ₹4.29 Cr₹3.01 Cr₹2.62 Cr--
Total Non-Current Assets ₹32 Cr₹26 Cr₹22 Cr₹7.57 Cr₹5.54 Cr
Current Assets Loans & Advances -----
Currents Investments -----
    Quoted -----
    Unquoted -----
Inventories ₹33 Cr₹27 Cr₹19 Cr₹13 Cr₹8.16 Cr
    Raw Materials ₹8.19 Cr₹8.09 Cr₹6.72 Cr₹2.60 Cr₹1.13 Cr
    Work-in Progress ₹13 Cr₹4.44 Cr₹3.47 Cr₹3.26 Cr₹3.07 Cr
    Finished Goods ₹13 Cr₹14 Cr₹7.56 Cr₹5.58 Cr₹3.96 Cr
    Packing Materials -----
    Stores  and Spare -----
    Other Inventory -₹0.24 Cr₹1.25 Cr₹1.59 Cr-
Sundry Debtors ₹23 Cr₹27 Cr₹30 Cr₹20 Cr₹17 Cr
    Debtors more than Six months -₹9.21 Cr₹12 Cr₹1.67 Cr-
    Debtors Others ₹23 Cr₹18 Cr₹18 Cr₹19 Cr₹17 Cr
Cash and Bank ₹0.46 Cr₹0.11 Cr₹0.03 Cr₹2.28 Cr₹1.46 Cr
    Cash in hand ₹0.11 Cr₹0.11 Cr₹0.02 Cr₹0.02 Cr₹0.03 Cr
    Balances at Bank ₹0.34 Cr₹0.00 Cr₹0.00 Cr₹2.26 Cr₹1.43 Cr
    Other cash and bank balances -----
Other Current Assets ₹0.25 Cr₹2.06 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.24 Cr
    Interest accrued on Investments -----
    Interest accrued on Debentures -----
    Deposits with Government -----
    Interest accrued and or due on loans -----
    Prepaid Expenses ₹0.04 Cr₹0.07 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹0.16 Cr
    Other current_assets ₹0.22 Cr₹1.99 Cr₹0.12 Cr₹0.04 Cr₹0.07 Cr
Short Term Loans and Advances ₹18 Cr₹8.51 Cr₹7.18 Cr₹6.47 Cr₹5.32 Cr
    Advances recoverable in cash or in kind ₹13 Cr₹3.22 Cr₹0.84 Cr₹2.45 Cr₹2.04 Cr
    Advance income tax and TDS ₹0.77 Cr--₹3.87 Cr₹3.13 Cr
    Amounts due from directors -----
    Due From Subsidiaries -----
    Inter corporate deposits -----
    Corporate Deposits -----
    Other Loans & Advances ₹4.47 Cr₹5.28 Cr₹6.33 Cr₹0.16 Cr₹0.15 Cr
Total Current Assets ₹76 Cr₹64 Cr₹57 Cr₹42 Cr₹32 Cr
Net Current Assets (Including Current Investments) ₹14 Cr₹24 Cr₹18 Cr₹18 Cr₹14 Cr
Miscellaneous Expenses not written off ₹0.55 Cr₹0.13 Cr₹0.26 Cr₹0.39 Cr₹0.52 Cr
Total Assets ₹108 Cr₹90 Cr₹79 Cr₹50 Cr₹38 Cr
Contingent Liabilities ₹7.06 Cr₹7.06 Cr₹4.87 Cr₹1.93 Cr₹3.98 Cr
Total Debt ₹41 Cr₹40 Cr₹35 Cr₹16 Cr₹11 Cr
Book Value -25.2622.9740.8436.30
Adjusted Book Value 35.9125.2622.9720.4218.15

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